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Romantic dinner with view of lake Maggiore | Romantic dinner in Bali with candles and decoration

9 Most Romantic Dinners around the World | Romantic Restaurants & Destination Dining

Food and romance have long been cosy bedfellows. The intimacy of eating together, the exploration of new sensations and flavours, seducing your partner with exotic aphrodisiacs, showing how much you care by cooking a cosy supper for two at home: sharing a romantic meal features highly in almost all our romantic celebrations.

So, if you’re celebrating a special anniversary, proposing to the love of your life, or on your honeymoon then it’s likely you’ll be looking for an extra-special dining experience to set the magical tone for your occasion. Here are some of our favourite ‘romantic dinners’ from around the world….

#1 ROMANTIC DINNER IN THE WORLD'S SMALLEST RESTAURANT  | Quinta das Lagrimas, Coimbra, Portugal

For the ultimate romantic dining experience share a romantic candlelight dinner in the world’s smallest restaurant - with only you as its guest.

Maria Moreira, Marketing Manager at Quinta das Lagrimas says….

Q1. Set the scene for a romantic dinner in the smallest restaurant in the world Imagine the most intimate setting where you will experience unique moments always inspired by the love story of the beautiful noblewoman Inês de Castro and Prince Pedro. A table for 2 where the lighting, the period furniture, the connection to the gardens and the kitchen of Chef Vitor Dias creates an atmosphere of seduction for all the senses.

Q2. What’s on the menu? The menu served is based in our Pedro & Inês Menu (Tasting Menu) – we change it every season

Q3. What type of couples come to your restaurant? We are now starting a special service for proposals in the restaurant, but all romantic couples are our main clients.

Q4. How can couples book a table? In the reception of the hotel

Q5. If you could give one piece of romantic advice for creating perfect romantic dinner what would it be? Good lighting, good food and good music are the perfect “ingredients” for a perfect romantic dinner!

See full details and book your romantic celebration at Quinta das Lagrimas

#2 ROMANTIC DINNER ON THE BEACH | Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives

Sharing a romantic dinner on the beach is truly an unforgettable experience in the Maldives. Soft white sand caresses your toes, turquoise waters frame each moment and flickering torch flames dance in the breeze as your personal chef prepares and serves your choice of freshly grilled barbeque.

See full details and book your romantic celebration at Mirihi Island Resort

#3 ROMANTIC DINNER ON A HOT AIR BALLOON | Park Hyatt Mallorca, Spain

For a romantic dining experience with a real wow-factor (and one of the best views you could ever ask for) take a hot air balloon flight over Majorca and eat at 1600 feet.

Laura Silio, Content Manager at Park Hyatt Mallorca says…..

Q1. What can couples expect if they book a romantic dinner on a hot air balloon?  Couples may choose from having a romantic breakfast early in the morning or take the hot air balloon flight in the afternoon. They may participate in building the balloon. When the balloon is half full, the flames of the burners break the silence of the morning or the afternoon and the sails starts to rise. Once inside the basket, the excitement starts when metre after metre they start to rise. The balloons reach up from 300 to 500 meters. Soon, there is silence and a feeling of freedom. Villages, country houses, hills and beautiful beaches are the landscape. You can see the whole island of Mallorca beneath and even the smaller island of Menorca. At that moment, couples can unpack a picnic basket carefully prepared by the Park Hyatt Mallorca team, including wine and very nice food. The balloon flight company can also arrange a balloon flight with a singer or a musician.

Q2. What’s on the menu? The team at Park Hyatt Mallorca has a pack-a-picnic menu for 35 € per person (however, if it is a very special occasion we may personalize the menu further):

- Quinoa salad with poached egg, avocado, aloe vera, hibiscus salt from es trenc

- Vegan green salad, Carrot dressing, raw vegetables, crispy buckweat 

- Serrano ham & mahon cheese baguette, tomato, olives 

- Hand fruit (banana, plum, peach, apple or grapes)                                                                                                                                                                           - Fresh strawberries                                                                                                                                                 

- Yogurt, agave syrop, granola

- One box of 6 chocolates from oriol balaguer

- Juice and water

- Champagne /Wine / other drinks are an extra charge.

Q3. What type of couples would you recommend this experience to (possibly not those with a fear of heights)? We would recommend this of course to couples who do not fear heights and would like to organize something very special. As the company that we work with can also organize a singer or musician to be on board, it could be the perfect place to ask someone to marry you. We would also recommend this experience for a honeymoon adventure or wedding anniversary.

Q4. How can couples book a balloon flight? Couples can either book a balloon directly with the company that we work with or through our Concierge Team who can organize special extras or personalize the times and experience.  One of the companies we work with is Mallorca Balloons 

Q5. If you could give one piece of romantic advice for creating the perfect romantic dinner what would it be? One piece of advice for a romantic dinner would be: to try to prepare it in advance and contact the team that is going to cook for you so they can prepare your partner’s favourite dessert. Details that surprise are also very important, so a great idea is to write a beautiful letter for your partner and ask the waiter to hide it below their dish. Candles are always a must, as they create an intimate ambience. It is also important to decorate the table and setting with flowers.

See full details and book your romantic celebration at Park Hyatt Mallorca

#4 ROMANTIC DINNER IN THE AFRICAN BUSH | The Hide, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Share an intimate romantic dinner in the African bush where you can opt for a private dining experience on the restaurant deck, overlooking the wildlife as the sun goes down.

See full details and book your romantic celebration at The Hide

#5 ROMANTIC DINNER IN THE MOUNTAINS | Villafound Jade Lijiang, Yulong Snow mountain, China

For a romantic dinner unlike any you’ve ever had before try a traditional Naxi dining experience surrounded by breath-taking mountain scenery and flawless luxury.

Yue, Brand Manager at Villafound Jade says...

Q1. Set the scene for a romantic dinner at Villafound Jade Lijiang? The romantic dinner can be served at your own balcony or in the wedding pavilion during the sunset time with a 360 degree view including the Lijiang ancient town, Yuhu village and Yulong Snow Mountain.

Q2. What is your favourite dish on the menu? Our favourite dish is mutton curry in Naxi style and roasted pork ribs with Naxi baba/pancake.

Q3. What is the most memorable meal you have served? The most memorable meal we have hosted was our five course Naxi menu which we served to 80 guests attending a wedding reception.

Q4. How can couples book a table?  For in-house guest can book directly via reception and outside guest via, one day in advance

Q5. If you could give one piece of romantic advice for creating the perfect romantic dinner what would it be? Wear Naxi Clothes, and experience Naxi – come to Villafound Jade to discover what Naxi couples did when they are dating, combine the romantic and cultural.

See full details and book your romantic celebration at Villafound Jade Lijiang


Create the ultimate romantic dining experience possibly imaginable. Simply, choose your ultimate romantic setting such as a private beach, jungle waterfall, desert island or moonlit poolside gazebo, select your perfect menu, arrange to best time …. then step back and let the magic begin.

See full details and book your romantic celebration at The Sarojin, Khao Lak

#7 ROMANTIC DINNER ON THE ITALIAN LAKES | Villa & Palazzo Aminta Hotel, Beauty & Spa, Lake Maggiore, Italy

Celebrate with a romantic dinner in one of the most exclusive destinations in the world. Where nature and luxury meet in (almost) equal magnificence – welcome to the Italian Lakes.

Ivan Quaglia, Sales & Marketing Manager at Villa Aminta says….

Q1. Why is Lake Maggiore Italy’s most romantic lake? Because it is home to so many luxury and historic, private mansions and villas dating back to the “Belle Epoque” period, built as weekend getaways or as wedding presents for beloved brides (as Villa AMINTA itself was). Moreover, the world famous actress Liz Taylor stayed here at Villa AMINTA for one week together with Mr. Richard Burton during one of their “Italian romantic escapes” in 1966, and that’s why two of our luxury Suites bear her name.

Q2. Set the scene for a romantic lakeside dinner Our Italian I MORI restaurant has a marvellous round shape gazebo in crystal and iron overlooking the lake and the Borromean Islands for a truly romantic dinner. There you can find fine dishes together with live cooking opportunities, everything surrounded by the magic atmosphere of the Lake.

Q3. What is your favourite dish on the menu? My personal favourite dish is the Ravioli dal Plin pasta (first course) followed by the Fassona filet (main course), very tender and delicate.

Q4. How can couples book a lakeside table? Both I MORI and Le Isole main restaurants are lake facing and with garden facilities, therefore all our tables have stunning views of the romantic Lake Maggiore and its Borromean Islands, just in front of the Resort.

Q5. If you could give one piece of romantic advice for creating the perfect romantic dinner what would it be? A candlelit dinner for two on the panoramic terrace with background live piano music but not before a sparkling wine drink in the magnificent and luxuriant garden under the stars and with only the lake in front of you.

See full details and book your romantic celebration at Villa & Palazzo Aminta Hotel

#8 ROMANTIC DINNER IN THE CITY | The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city of romantic royalty where beautiful architecture, history and culture abound in a symphony of grace and elegance. Enjoy 5 star service street-side for the best in romantic city dining and watch the world go by.

See full details and book your romantic celebration at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

#9 ROMANTIC DINNER IN A FLOATING BALE | Wapa di Ume Resort and Spa Ubud, Bali

Experience the once-in-a-lifetime romance of a private dinner surrounded by candlelight and exotic flowers and floating above a lotus water pond in the middle of a Balinese rice paddy.

I Gede Nusantara, Sales Manager at Wapa di Ume Resort and Spa Ubud says…

Q1. What is the Floating Bale? It is a private bale / joglo floating above a lotus water pond, with a view to the rice paddy and the most beautiful scenery of the sunset.  

Q2. What’s on the menu? Our Balinese chef creates a special romantic 3 courses menu, there are 2 selections:


Welcome Cocktail

Home Made Bread

Appetizer - Deep fried rolled crepes minced beef, served with avocado mint mousse and yogurt dressing


Grilled marinated pork chop served with parsley potatoes, baby corn and sautéed fresh mushroom with prawn and rosemary juice


Grilled imported beef tenderloin with sautéed vegetables, butter rice and black pepper sauce

Carrot Orange Cake with cream cheese frosting and orange clove apple sauce


Welcome Cocktail

Home Made Bread

Soup Ayam Jamur - Chicken and fresh shiitake mushrooms with chicken broth


Grilled Australian beef tenderloin wrapped with roasting bacon, served with Balinese vegetables, garlic sweet potato and yellow nutmeg Balinese sauce


Grilled prawn in Balinese red sauce with fresh vegetables, Balinese mashed potatoes, sweet corn rice and prawn crackers

Biu Metunu with vanilla ice cream - Roasted banana and caramelized palm sugar, coconut milk, grated coconut and vanilla ice cream

Q3. Who would recommend the Floating Bale experience to? For Honeymooners. We can discuss with guests when they book and create any customized activity to meet their every expectation.

See full details and book your romantic celebration at Wapa di Ume Resort and Spa Ubud