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Saint Lucia

Discover why St. Lucia is one of the world's most amazing destinations for romance travel and destination weddings

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Boutique rainforest retreat

Frequently voted as one of the world's most romantic destinations: St. Lucia is made for lovers.

This is where idyllic Caribbean island fantasies of palm-fringed beaches...  romantic sunsets...  bath-warm seas...  fluttering hummingbirds...  and drinking rum from a coconut, come to life.

But what makes St. Lucia really stand out as a top destination for romance travel is the diversity of its spectacular natural landscape!

If you're looking for a unique and beautiful place to get married, go on honeymoon, or celebrate a special romantic occasion then St. Lucia probably has something  you'll love.

From its tropical rainforest hideaways, to its 'Hollywood famous' waterfalls, to its unspoilt sun-soaked beaches, to the luxury resorts featured in thousands of Instagram photos backdropped by the Pitons cascading into the glittering Caribbean ocean - we can't recommend St. Lucia highly enough.

Read our guide to romance, weddings and celebrations in St Lucia below including:

  • What is St. Lucia like?
  • 5 Super-Romantic Experiences in St. Lucia
  • When to Go to St. Lucia - Seasons & Events
  • Getting Married in St. Lucia

What is St. Lucia Like? A Destination for Romance, Weddings & Honeymoons

Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia is an exotic island just 27 miles long and 14 miles wide.

The sun-drenched climate typically brings temperatures in the mid-to-high 20’s all year round, and it embodies the epitome of that heavenly trilogy - white sandy shores, bright clear blue skies and shimmering turquoise waters.

The rich and diverse natural landscape is made up of beautiful beaches, luscious rainforests, secluded waterfalls and magnificent mountains, and nestled amidst the wonders of nature are endless luxurious, intimate, and out-of-this-world romantic retreats, catering for all budgets and travel styles.

It's really no wonder that St. Lucia has been named 'World's Leading Honeymoon Destination' a total of nine times by the World Travel Awards, and no coincidence that our company founders, Chloe and Jason, chose to get married here... an experience that inspired them to dream up The Romantic Tourist. (You can read about their story here)

Whether it be for your wedding, honeymoon, a cherished anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a romantic getaway to relax and reconnect, St. Lucia will transport you to heavenly hideaway of intimacy and escapism.

5 Super-Romantic Experiences in St. Lucia - DO NOT MISS!

St. Lucia is almost two islands in one.

In the north you'll find Rodney Bay, home to 5-star luxury hotels and resorts, where a world of indulgence awaits you; sensational suites, private infinity pools, sensual spas, fine dining and unparalleled service. In the south of the island, Soufrière sits at the heart of a stunning region of old cacao plantations, lush rainforests, hidden beaches and awe-inspiring nature.

St. Lucia offers unique experiences for every romantic occasion and every type of romance traveller

And this what makes St. Lucia so alluring for lovers; the endless breath-taking beauty that is just waiting to be explored. Though becoming at one with nature doesn't compromise on the island's trademark luxury, and there are many exciting and exclusive ways to see the island's sights in style; wander through the botanic gardens of St. Croix, sail along the coast on an extravagant yacht, drift along the Martha Brae River on a bamboo raft made for two, see the sights of Nassau by horse-drawn carriage, or take a helicopter ride over the tropical island.

1. Witness the awesome majesty of the Pitons

A World Heritage Site, the Pitons are the iconic romantic backdrop of St Lucia. Sip champagne and watch the sun go down between their majestic peaks, or awaken your inner adventurer and take a hike up the 2,600ft mountainside. The ascent to the top and back down again takes about four hours in total, but the challenging rocky terrain never fails to pay off, the romantic journey being a real bonding experience, and looking out onto the view from the summit together is a moment that you will cherish for a lifetime.

2. Share a Mud Bath in Soufriere Volcano & Sulpher Springs

Uniting nature and luxury once again, is the Soufriere Volcano - locally known as the Sulphur Springs – which is regarded as the only 'drive-in' volcano in the world (dormant, of course), with a road running right up to and through the crater, the emitting steam, sulphur, mud and water all bubbling just metres away. Renowned for its healing properties, you can dig into the warm pools of sulphurous fine grey mud and have fun smearing it on each other to make your skin glow. In fact, Jason and his groom’s party pampered themselves here on the very afternoon of the wedding and so comes highly recommended by The Romantic Tourist.

 3. Sailing Excursions in St. Lucia

One of the best ways to experience and see St. Lucia is from the water. Charter a boat and sail around the island to visit famous sights such including Marigot Bay, The Pitons, Pigeon Island National Park and Anse Cochon Marine Reserve. For the ultimate romantic sailing trip why not treat yourselves to a Lobster Dinner Cruise or simply sail into the sunset sipping on Champagne.

4. Spectacular Waterfalls

The glamorously named Diamond Falls are recognised as one of the natural wonders of St. Lucia, famously featuring in the classic romantic 1980s film, Romancing the Stone. However, Touraille Waterfall remains the island's most famous and impressive waterfall, with a sharp drop of 50 feet cascading into a pool below, where you can swim, stand and dance underneath the torrents of water showering down onto you.

5. The Beaches

Which speak for themselves...

When to Go to St. Lucia - Best Seasons & Events

St. Lucia has a tropical climate with consistent daily temperatures in the high twenties throughout the year, and two distinct seasons - wet and dry. The dry season is generally considered the best time to visit from December - April, when the weather is reliably sunny, less humid and perfect for lazy days on the beach. The wet season is still beautiful but more humid, slightly hotter and you're likely to experience a few torrential downpours (although they are often short lived and maybe only one a day).

Travelling in High (dry) season is often recommended but is does usually mean less availability, busier beaches and flights, more expensive accommodation etc... Low (wet) season however can be a great option of you're happy to shelter from the odd rain shower, and appreciate lower costs and a less busy experience.

When deciding the best month to travel for your romantic trip or celebration you should always consider the weather, costs, crowds and local events.

TOP TIP:  Travelling on the cusp of seasons in St. Lucia can actually give you the best of both worlds. We really recommend travelling in St. Lucia in May or November.

Events & Festivals in St. Lucia

As well as the weather, prices and crowds there's another reason you should always take time to consider the best time of year to travel to any destination for a special trip like your honeymoon, wedding or any other special occasions.

And that reason is local events and festivals.

St. Lucian traditions pay homage to the island's rich history and long-standing customs, as well as being a celebration of contemporary culture with its busy calendar of festivals, events and months dedicated to different themes throughout the year.

St. Lucia’s festivals and events are a carnival of colour and celebration of culture, and although you needn't take notice of them during your stay, you may like to take inspiration from our guide to St. Lucia’s best events and festivals to plan the perfect time to visit for your romantic trip.

Weekly - Seafood Friday

Along the south coast of the island, next to Marigot Bay, you'll find Anse La Raye, a tiny evocative fishing village that draws in tourists and locals alike with its legendary Seafood Friday - and the fresh seafood is divine; grilled lobsters, stuffed crab, and traditional dishes such as red snapper grilled in foil with spices and classic broth. Live music and local drinks, such as Bounty Rum and Piton Beer, get get the crowds mingling and dancing together. Here, you can lose yourself in being a part of the island's culture, whilst stealing moments together to watch the kaleidoscope sunsets in the evening sky.

April & May - St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

April and May plays host to the annual Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, the most famous international jazz festival in the Caribbean, showcasing world-renowned singers and musicians and honouring musical legends from jazz, soul, reggae, R&B and soca – a traditional calypso style with elements of soul. This is a destination event that attracts tourists and music lovers from around the world. If this is your kind of music or vibe it makes sense to book your trip to coincide with this amazing event.

June & July - Carnival Season

The festivities transcend into June and July, where the heady carnival season culminates with elaborate steel pan band competitions, carnival queen performances, and two days of intense street partying. Again, if you're a couple who like to party, and you'd love the idea of mixing up your luxury beach honeymoon with a day experiencing the local carnival celebrations and letting your hair down... why not!

August - Chocolate Heritage Month

Music may be the food of love... but chocolate is a close second, and August sees St. Lucia celebrate its rich chocolate heritage, giving you the opportunity to discover the island's cacao roots. Its mountainous slopes, warm climate and tropical rain showers make it perfect for growing high quality cacao beans, and St. Lucia has been producing some of the world's most sought-after chocolate since the 1700s – you might be familiar with the island's Rabot Estate, producing some of the finest award-winning chocolate in the world, under the guise of Hotel Chocolat... August puts chocolate in the spotlight, with various chocolate-themed events: cacao plantation tours, chocolate-making workshops, speciality food and drink in restaurants, and spas offering indulgent chocolate-inspired treatments.

October - Jounen Kweyol (Creole Day)

In October, St. Lucia turns its attention to its fascinating mix of African and French Heritage, with lively and vibrant music, dancing, and games (including the ‘Greasy Pole’) at every turn, culminating in Jounen Kweyol (Creole Day) at the end of the month. Communities across the island lay on traditional Creole food for locals and tourists, and charming historic crafts are embraced, such as pottery and basket weaving, and tourists are warmly welcomed to give it a go. If you're the type of couple who like to venture outside of your hotel and get a taste for the local foods and cultures this would be perfect.

November - Health & Wellness Month

November is a divine month for peace and tranquillity in St. Lucia, with the island taking a deep breath and saying goodbye to its party-packed season, and turning its attention to Health and Wellness Month, focusing on pursuits of the mind, body, soul and spirit. Spas offer indulgent traditional therapies and Tai Chi is practised at sunrise. Take a wake-up Tai Chi session on Pigeon Island, where you'll bathe in the morning light and surrender to the serenity of St. Lucia, for a morning that you will never forget.

December - Atlantic Rally for Cruisers & Festival of Lights and Renewal

In December, the world's largest transoceanic sailing event showcases a spectacular flurry of almost 300 yachts, racing over two to three weeks from Gran Canaria to St. Lucia, and ending in Rodney Bay Marina. Huge and elaborate concerts and parties are held to celebrate and welcome the sailors into St. Lucia, and you can't help but to soak up the sunny spirit of the island. Plus 13th December is the national day of St Lucy, patron saint of light, who Saint Lucia is named after. Celebrations around the island feature Christmas lights and colourful lanterns.

Destination Weddings in St. Lucia - How to get Married

St. Lucia offers some of the most gorgeous and unique wedding and honeymoon settings in the world

Getting married in St. Lucia is easy.

With no minimum residency requirement, simply arrive two days before your wedding day to apply for your licence (or even on the same day if you are happy to pay a modest premium). Couples are asked to provide their passport and birth certificate, and additional documentation if they have been married before or are under 18.

And if you're staying at a hotel or resort on the island for your wedding, they will most likely guide you through all the formalities, which usually require nothing more than a brief visit to the capital of Castries to sign a couple of forms and show your documents.

In fact the most difficult thing about getting married in St. Lucia is probably deciding where to hold your ceremony. Here's a few ideas...

Getting Married on the Beach

Beach weddings rank high when it comes to destination weddings. Getting married on soft golden sand against a backdrop of the Caribbean Sea and with palm trees swaying in the background is many a bride’s dream wedding day.

And beach weddings in St. Lucia are perfect for intimate ceremonies as well as larger family celebrations with recommended beaches including: Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay; Sugar Beach, Soufriere; Pigeon Island; Gros Islet; Anse Cochon, Anse La Raye.

But often beach weddings don't stack up to the dream. (And this is not specific to St. Lucia)

Public beaches mean you can't guarantee complete privacy, plus wind, sand and sea air don't work well with Manolo Blahnik's, fairy-tale dresses, veils, trains and hair!

It's something to really think about.

Getting Married in the Rainforest

For a truly unforgettable wedding day the rainforests of St. Lucia provide an enchanting setting of lush green flora and tropical flowers within an ambience of awe-inspiring natural tranquillity; indeed it was the rainforests surrounding Soufriere that Chloe and Jason fell in love with and chose for their own wedding venue.

Popular choices for rainforest weddings include ceremonies by waterfalls and within St. Lucia’s botanical gardens. But they are humid and not always that easily accessibly for guests who may use a wheelchair or mobility vehicle.

Read our wedding day review of getting married at Fond Doux Plantation and Resort

Getting Married at your Hotel or Resort

It's likely you will be hosting your wedding in St. Lucia with the help of the hotel your are staying at. And that will usually include a selection of options for your wedding ceremony depending on where the property is based. For example, if your heart is set on a beach wedding but you can't sacrifice your heels on the big day (we hear you!) then many properties will have beautiful decked wedding venues overlooking the beach or rainforests so you get the setting you dreamed of... with all the wedding trimmings.

We highly recommend you speak with the expert wedding planners at each property because they are magicians when to comes to making wedding dreams come true.