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Babymoon – Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

Babymoon break including dinner, bed and breakfast...

Frequently Asked Questions About Babymoons...

A babymoon is a great excuse for a romantic trip, and for many couples it signals the last chance for a truly indulgent holiday for a few years... helping you rest and relax before your new arrival.

Here are a few things to consider before choosing your babymoon getaway.

What is a babymoon?

Often said to be one of the last chances for a romantic trip before a baby arrives, a babymoon is when a couple goes away for an intimate or relaxing holiday during the course of their pregnancy.

Interestingly, research has suggested that around 80% couples choose to take a babymoon trip in a domestic location. (You may want to check our our UK Babymoon recommendations)

What safety or insurance considerations should we make?

Wherever you decide to go away, you may wish to speak with your doctor before booking a trip.

As a sensible precaution you might want to carry any maternity records with you at all times during your holiday.

Make sure it includes your due date and that you’re not at risk of complications. If you’re carrying more than one child then you’re considered more ‘high risk’ so this is also something to be aware of.

On the whole, you shouldn’t have too many issues travelling far and wide.

As a further sensible precaution you might want to call your travel insurance provider to make sure you’re covered for any mishaps.

And if you’re not covered by the terms of an annual policy then you might shop around to look for a specialist policy.

Is there a time in the pregnancy we should avoid flying?

Generally, between four and six months is considered the best time for you to travel.

Most airlines will not allow you to fly after 37 weeks of pregnancy, or 32 if you’re carrying twins.

So, assuming that you have a straightforward pregnancy then you should be OK to fly up to and including 36 weeks. However, some airlines may have varying restrictions, including domestic and international travel, so be sure to double check.

Some people will avoid travelling in the time around the first 13 or 14 weeks of pregnancy, as morning sickness and exhaustion tend to be worse at this stage.

Ultimately it is your call, but a lot of women prefer to travel by train rather than by plane or even by car, for obvious practical reasons – you’re freer to move around more and (unless travelling in first class) it tends to be a more comfortable ride.

If you do choose to fly then the earlier you can plan your trip the better, so that you can swerve the more difficult periods of pregnancy.

And be sure not to cross your legs and do get up and move around every hour or so – especially if it’s a long haul flight.  

What types of trips are most popular for babymoons? 

That will depend on what you’re hoping to get from the trip.

It might be nice to try out a child-friendly place, like Disney Land, as a kind of dry run before your baby arrives. It could be a laugh to do this as a couple of cheeky adults!

Alternatively, you might well want to make the trip all about you – if that’s the case then we think a pampering couples wellness getaway is the perfect choice.

On the other hand, you could take what might be your last chance for a long time to tick one off your bucket list trips.

Being practical, you might want to choose a destination where there are lots of things on the doorstep – it’s unlikely you’ll fancy long strolls for dinner or ice cream like you may have done before!

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