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Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoons...

Your honeymoon can be anything you want it to be. Therefore it’s no great surprise that many couples choose to enjoy 5-star suites in stunning locations, complete with plenty of candlelit dinners and breakfasts in bed. Here are some questions to ask yourself so that you have the romantic getaway you’ve always dreamed of.

When should we book a honeymoon?

Generally speaking it’s a case of the sooner the better. Ask yourself: can you afford the stress of last-minute trip planning when the big day is fast approaching? Also, given all of the coordinating you’ll need to do to get people to your special day, it’s easy to lose track of your honeymoon plans. You’ll need to book dates off work, get someone to look after the dog, and so on… having your post-wedding trip confirmed early on can only be a good thing.

When’s best to go on our honeymoon?

Tradition used to dictate that the newlyweds would set off on their honeymoon the moment they left the wedding reception, sometimes via a hotel on the way to a big trip. But times have changed (…to think, some brides and/or grooms had never seen each other naked by that point!) While it’s perfectly OK to still go on holiday straight after the wedding – nowadays, with busy schedules and dual incomes, it’s more common that many people take a week off work before their wedding along with a day or two after to enjoy the opening of wedding gifts.

So, you’ll need to work out how to tally any remaining annual leave with your trip. A two-week break a few weeks after your wedding day could be a good bet, as you can truly switch off and explore the full range of your passionate love in this time. Another reason you might want to pause is because, after many months of planning your day a long journey may not be your idea of fun.

Could we delay the trip even longer?

There might be other reasons for delaying your honeymoon for a couple of months. For example, you might want to wait until your favourite destination is at its peak temperature. Or, if you’ve splashed out a lot on your ceremony then it might be that you wait a few more pay days so that you don’t have to compromise on a high-quality location. Many people will only enjoy one honeymoon and so (in our humble opinion) it isn’t really a time when you want to be holding back! Of course, if you are planning to delay your big trip for a while – then why not get away for a night or two after the wedding, so that you can have some precious time together? Here are 21 weekend getaways, or mini-moons, at some of Europe’s most enchanting cities.

What if we don’t want to wait?

Although more people are deciding to delay their honeymoons, the temptation to leave right away can be tantalising. Planning a quick getaway means that you might avoid some of the post-ceremony admin, like having to worry about returning the suits. And there’s definitely a romantic edge to waking up officially ‘single’ and then jetting off on your ideal honeymoon as a married couple in one or two epic days.

Your decision may well rest on where it is you’re getting married. If you and all of your guests are staying at the same hotel, then it could be cute to say goodbye over a laidback brunch the next morning before heading off.

Should I insure my trip?

Whether or not you book your trip a long way in advance, it’s important to make sure you have the right travel insurance in place – just for added peace of mind. Getting this sorted out nice and early can protect you from cancellations or delays, such as strikes at the airport, or any other mishaps before you travel. On the subject of airports: why not get a cheeky lounge pass and surprise your beloved with a bottle of fizz and a queue jump?!

How can we make sure our destination wedding is different from the honeymoon?

If your heart is set on a dream wedding abroad – often known as a destination wedding, then it can be a challenge to separate this from your honeymoon (that’s assuming your plan is to spend some time there straight after your wedding). One way around the two events merging could be to ‘island hop’. This way, you can separate the two events and enjoy a double serving of special memories while enjoying some intimate moments together. This would work perfectly well in the Caribbean. See how you could start a beautiful adventure in Barbados or St Lucia. And what’s more, you could get some peace and quiet from some the relatives at the same time!

What extra treats can we get for being on honeymoon?

At The Romantic Tourist you deal directly with the owner of the hotel you’re thinking of booking with – and they’ll be ideally placed to offer you advice on make your trip even more special. What’s more, our website allows you to personalise your honeymoon with a choice of romantic add-ons (some naughty, some just nice).

So whether it’s a luxury beach getaway, a fast-paced rainforest adventure, or city mini-moons – we have some of the best spots worldwide for newly weds. It can take a few minutes to compare some of the very best Honeymoon Packages, Hotels and Romantic Specialists destinations. Start your epic adventure and compare deals now.