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Romantic Experiences, Weddings & Honeymoons in the historic heart of Rome

If you're looking for a truly magical romantic experience or wanting the perfect wedding abroad, look no further than Italy. With its breathtaking views, delightful cuisine and lovely locals, it's no wonder that Italy is a magical destination for romance and weddings.

Discover the most romantic experiences and places in Italy:

With vibrant culture, stunning architecture, romantic Mediterranean cuisine and beautiful rustic backdrops, it’s easy to see why so many soon-to-be newlyweds are choosing this destination for their big day. Picture yourself and your future spouse exchanging vows beneath a Tuscan sunset or dancing along the canals of Venice.

Or, why not take a winery tour, or a boat ride along Lake Como to celebrate a special anniversary – whatever your occasion every moment of your Italian experience will be unforgettable. 

ITALY - Romance & Weddings

Italy - the travel essentials

Language - In bigger cities like Rome, Venice or Florence, the language shouldn’t be a barrier for you. ‘Please’ is ‘per favore’, ‘thank you’ is grazie, and ‘you’re welcome’ is ‘prego’.

Tipping culture - This isn’t typically expected in restaurants, but a service charge might be added to your bill. Taxi drivers will appreciate a tip.

Siestas - Most bars and restaurants will stay open, but some shops will close for a few hours during the afternoon.

Visiting churches - Italy is full of churches, many of which have significant artworks; as they’re places of worship, be sure to dress appropriately. Try to avoid shorts and vests.

Driving - Italians like to drive fast. Take extra care on roads if you’re hiring a car or walking around.

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