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From paper to diamond, find the perfect celebration for your special date

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Frequently Asked Questions About Anniversary Getaways...

Firstly, many congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! 

Whether you're celebrating your first or your fiftieth year of marriage - we have some of the best Romantic Getaway Packages and Romantic Hotels in over 100 destinations worldwide dedicated to celebrating your wedding anniversary:



Here are some things to think about before you take the plunge and book a trip for your next milestone anniversary...

Should we still buy gifts if we're planning an anniversary getaway?

Tradition has plenty to say about what you should do when it comes to buying wedding anniversary gifts - from your very first anniversary right up to the ‘Platinum’ in your 70th year together.

For example, couples are 'meant' to mark their first year together with paper-related gifts, to symbolise the blank page that your relationship had a year before.

And by the time you’ve got to 50 years (fingers crossed) it’s gold gifts that are meant to demonstrate the wealth of your love and how it’s grown together.

But whether or not you’re hitting one of the so-called milestones (there are many years in between, after all) there’s still lots of opportunities to be creative when it comes to presents.

And yes, even if you're planning an extravagant trip to celebrate the occasion, a gift is still 100% necessary.

You could decide a personalised gift is best. 

How about making a scrapbook or photo album of all your relationship highlights together?

Or you could make a montage of all of the places you’ve been together around the globe (we love a travel-inspired gift).

Even better, you could incorporate your gift with your anniversary getaway.

Why not book a weekend away to an old date meeting point of significance?... Or is there a new hobby which has grown alongside your relationship and would make for an idyllic adventure for two?... If you’re into running or cycling then perhaps tackling the Boston Marathon or a stage of the Tour de France could be for you?... Alternatively, you could opt for an altogether less busy agenda so that there’s more time for intimate and sexy moments together - we have plenty of romantic packages that would fit the bill perfectly.

How long should our anniversary trip be (and how much should we spend)?

Given how special an occasion this will be for you both, it’s arguably not the best time for a 'cheap' holiday.

And for this reason a lot of couples choose to take shorter trips with extra luxury built into a condensed timeframe.

For example, if you are hoping to be more economical then you could opt to spend a night or two in a 5-star hotel instead of a whole week at a 4-star resort.

And then why not make the occasion really special with a celebratory meal at a Michelin starred restaurant in the middle?

Here are 3 of our favourite luxury anniversary packages if you're looking to be well and truly spoilt for a weekend:

How long your trip is will, of course, largely depend on you and your work/family life commitments. If you’re still a fresh-faced couple then instead of another long-haul adventure following the wedding and honeymoon, you might want to go for a weekend break. And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous or celebrating a particularly significant milestone then there are lots more things to do further afield on longer trip.

What about a UK anniversary trip?

There are plenty of charming and romantic wedding anniversary breaks to be had in the UK.

Surprise your special someone with a romantic getaway to a hidden rural retreat! Enjoy picnics on dreamy countryside beaches... explore majestic castles and houses from days-gone-by... or cosy up for an evening in the local pub. 

You might instead prefer a cultural hot spot and there are few places in the world with more culture than London: here are our 5 top romantic things to do in the English capital 

Whichever you choose you'll be sure to make memories you both will cherish forever!

How can we keep our anniversary getaways fresh and exciting as the years pass by?

Celebrating anniversaries is an easy thing to overlook (especially as the years go by), but every year deserves special recognition.

Show your partner that their relationship with you means a lot and take them somewhere new each anniversary—or maybe use it as the perfect excuse to revisit the place where you said ‘I do’ or spent your honeymoon! Remembering wonderful memories will make this occasion extra meaningful for both of you.

At The Romantic Tourist, we’re here to support you continuing to stoke the flames of your love.

We help you do this by offering the best romantic hotels, packages and experiences to make your anniversary even more special (some naughty, some just lovely).

That could be anything from a secluded picnic to a champagne and hot tub combo, or romantic gifts and other extras to help you keep the intimacy alive.

You can always speak directly to the host about any special requirements you may have.

Have a look at our huge range of anniversary getaway packages.

Or, if you're looking to do something super-special and romantic why not consider renewing your wedding vows.