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Madrid at Sunset, Crystal Palace in Retiro Park Madrid

Romance in Madrid | Featuring Hotel Hesperia Madrid*****

A beguiling city, Madrid carries an infectious energy about it, and its boundless positivity, welcoming warmth and serious soul, makes it one of the most richly romantic cities in the world. If Paris seduces you with timeless elegance, then Madrid seduces you with a cheeky twinkle in its eye. Fun-loving and flirtatious, Madrid wants to play.

Spain’s architectural splendour provides a sensational backdrop to city living in Madrid. Medieval mansions meet royal palaces, and rustic and charming baroque features meet the elaborate and extravagant style of la belle époque; The Beautiful Era.

Madrid is one of the richest culinary capitals of Europe, melding the traditions of Spanish cooking and eating with the creative innovation of Spain’s gastronomic revolution; quaint and charming restaurants are mentioned and praised often, but expect just many upmarket affairs in breathtakingly beautiful settings. La Latina is a neighbourhood right in the heart of the city, with winding narrow streets and a big open square, and boasts some of the best tapas bars in Madrid. Calle de la Cava Baja is a lively and spirited street that embodies the essence of Madrid, with an endless array of exciting eateries and restaurants opening onto the streets; the scents of sangria and garlic and the sound of happy chatter filling the air with magic.

Madrid’s nightlife is its true temptress. With more bars than any other city on earth, Madrid nights are what dreams are made of. You’ll find yourselves swept along in the tide of people who are devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, and an undercurrent of possibility sets the night alight. Bars and clubs have the hint of glamour that you only find when you go abroad, where sultry evenings cast the night with a sense of exhilaration. You’ll find everything from secret sherry bars to roaring jazz clubs, carried along with the spirit of people wanting to dance until dawn.

Stay in the heart of the city and you can wander home to a luxurious sanctuary at the end of the night, where peace and tranquillity hides amidst the evening revelry - or be a reveller and wander home as the sun comes up; Madrid is your new romantic love affair.

Top 5 Romantic Experiences in Madrid

#1 A walk through Retiro Park

Buen Retiro Park ("Park of the Pleasant Retreat", in English) is the loveliest park in Madrid; a peaceful sanctuary where couples can walk side by side, hand in hand, away from the city noise. Stroll through the heart of the park to pass by the large lake where you can take a seat on the stone steps in front of the great monument of Alfonso XII and bathe in the warm glow of Madrid’s midday sunshine.  Hidden  inside the park, a walk into the Crystal Palace is also highly recommended and will leave you amazed by its magnificent structure and beauty. Retiro Park offers much to be discovered and is undisputedly one of the favourite spots in Madrid for lovers to spend a quiet day together.

#2 A big night out on the town

A large amount of bars and pubs can be found in the central neighbourhoods of Madrid with nightlife hotspots including the popular gay district of Chueca, trendsetting Malasaña and much more. Cocktails, tapas, pop music, rooftop terraces overlooking the city – you can find a lot of great places in Madrid to have fun as a couple. Expect at some point in your evening to encounter a local band or flamenco singers in the lively Lavapiés neighbourhood where you can simply stop and get lost in the music and the moment.

#3 Have dinner at the oldest restaurant in the world

Botín, the oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guinness book of Records, is the perfect place for getting a taste of Madrid´s traditional cuisine. Hundreds of years may pass by, but here still the restaurant stands and the family who runs it. It is impossible to pass by this restaurant as you journey through the city and visitors to Madrid simply must stop to take a picture of this iconic eatery before venturing in to enjoy its delicious cuisine!

#4 Sunset at Temple of Debod

You may be surprised to find an ancient Egyptian temple in Madrid, but since it was donated to Spain in the sixties, the Temple of Debod  has become a famous landmark of the city with visitors flocking to admire the breath-taking mountain view in the distance and Madrid’s most sensational sunsets. As dusk falls, especially during the Springtime, the sun illuminates the temple in a fantastic display of yellow and orange light creating the ultimate romantic ambience and the perfect end to a busy day of walking around the city.

#5 Shopping, shopping and more shopping

Madrid is a fantastic destination for couples who love fashion, with much to offer both those who prefer a classical style and those on the hunt for next big trend. From chic local stores on the streets of Malasaña to the luxury shopping mall of the Salamanca neighbourhood, Madrid is great city to take your time wandering around and discovering its many treasure for yourself.

Where to Stay | Q&A with Carmen Gómez, International Sales Manager at Hotel Hesperia Madrid*****

For couples travelling to Madrid for a romantic break or special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, surprise marriage proposal, last minute weekend getaway or even for an exclusive city wedding, Hotel Hesperia Madrid is a wonderful place to stay and celebrate in the Spanish capital. Located on the fashionable, tree lined avenue, Paseo de la Castellana, guests enjoy 5 star comfort just moments from the Gregorio Marañón Station, making it the perfect base from which to explore the city via the excellent metro system.

The Hesperia Madrid staff are dedicated to ensuring all couples have a perfect romantic experience and for really special occasions the Penthouse suites are the ultimate luxury retreat in the city. Relax on your private rooftop terrace sipping Champagne and nibbling on fresh strawberries, as you recline in your outdoor hot-tub looking out to stunning views across the city.

Q1) What makes Madrid a stand-out romantic destination?

Madrid´s genuine Spanish culture and people, and its unique gastronomy, diversity of art and hidden unknown corners create the perfect scenario for couples that seek for authentic and memorable destination. Madrid is a destination filled with romantic surprises that every couple should live at least once in their lifetime.

Q2) What is your favourite romantic place in Madrid and why?

Sunset at Temple of Debod. One image says more than 1000 words - see picture above!

Q3) Why is Hesperia Madrid the perfect place to celebrate romance?

LOVE is to be taken care of every single day of our life. And in the Hesperia Madrid we know how to contribute to make a celebration for love through creating unique experiences during your stay.

Stunning views from our rooftop suite terraces and its Jacuzzi, a just for two dinner in our 2 stars Michelin Restaurant Santceloni and being surrounded by warmth will make a wish to return to the Hesperia Madrid and stay with us again and again.

Q4) Tell us about the most romantic celebration you have hosted...

It is every single romance experience that becomes part of our History. But if there is one to be mentioned it was a surprise engagement party in our indoor patio El Lucernario. As the couple enjoyed dinner, the lights were turned off and the piano started to play the bride’s favourite song, when the lights came back on that’s when the magic moment happened… Those tears of happiness were repeated afterwards during the couple's wedding amongst the Hesperia family and when their family increased.

Q5) If you had to give one piece of romantic advice what would it be?

Where there is love, there is life

 See full details and book your romantic break or celebration at Hotel Hesperia Madrid*****