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8 New Year Resolutions for Couples... you'll want to keep

Did you know: January 10th is the day most of us give up on our New Year’s Resolutions?

And who can blame us?

Gym memberships… Low-carb diets… 5am wake up calls… Dinner without wine…

After 10 days you’re feeling tortured and miserable; questioning why anyone would want to live this way?

Yet, every year we do it again.

In fact, for over 2000 years people have been looking back at their successes and shortcomings of the past 12 months and enthusiastically making promises of self-improvement for the coming year…

Only to hit the same brick wall less than 2 weeks in:

“I can’t live like this!”

So, if you're fed up with making the same resolutions each January (only to achieve a sense of failure and another unused gym membership), it’s time to change your mindset and instead of trying to give things up... this year make a positive commitment to DOING MORE of the things that make you and your loved ones happy.

And as the saying goes... 'Happy wife, happy life!'

We challenge you to make 2024 your year to be more romantic (and happier) by making 8 New Year Resolutions we promise you'll actually want to keep.

#1 Make Romance a Priority

As our lives seem to get busier and busier by the day, and romance can often fall off our list of priorities.

Make 2023 the year you make romantic a priority by scheduling regular times to spend with your partner - when the kids, washing-up and work emails aren’t all vying for your attention.

Here's how:

What to do to make romance a priority everyday...

Commit to finding 5 minutes every day to give your partner your undivided attention. Make them a coffee and ask how they are  - (it’s that simple) and by the end of the year you’ll have devoted over 30 hours to making your special someone feel seen and special.

What to do at least once this year...

Book a romantic getaway just for the two of you. And make sure it's somewhere you can truly escape from outside distractions and concentrate on nothing more then spending (dare we say it!) 'quality time' together. If you you’re looking for inspiration for a romantic break in 2024 we highly recommend a 3-day romantic escape at Villa Lena in Tuscany, Italy. Here you'll find a charming Tuscan retreat dedicated to romance and relaxation.

#2 Have More Sex

Who wouldn’t like more sex in 2023?

Because sex makes you feel good and don’t forget it!

But physical intimacy is not only great for your relationship it will also make you a whole lot happier generally (and it’s a much more pleasurable way to get sweaty and burn extra calories than running round the park each morning at 5am).

Everyday goals for having more sex in 2023...

Make an effort to remind your partner just how much you fancy them. Hold that kiss for an extra couple of seconds when you leave for work in the morning... send them a naughty DM during the day... tell them when their bum looks great. We all love to feel desired and irresistible, and it only takes a few seconds a day for 2023 to be your most passionate yet. 

What to do at least once a year...

Booking a ‘dirty’ weekend away to get the flames of passion burning and those happy hormones soaring. Our Passion Thriller hotels and packages are the go to place to find your next steamy getaway. And a weekend away is often less costly than your annual gym memberships... and much more fun! We think you'll love the delicious House of Gods hotel in Edinburgh for a decadent weekend escape. 

#3 Ditch Your Phones on a Digital Detox

Have you ever been out for a romantic meal only to spend more time looking at your phones than looking at each other?

If this sounds familiar then a digital detox (even a short one) may be the perfect way to rediscover romance in 2023 - especially (if like us) you’ve got a naughty bedroom habit of reading your emails or checking in on your Insta' right up until light outs (and periodically throughout the night thereafter).

Everyday goals to reduce screen time in 2023...

Pick one time during the day when your phone / tablet / laptop are out of bounds. This could be at the dinner table... after 9pm... in bed (noted!!!)... or even on the commute to work if that's a journey you share together. 

What to do at least once this year...

(Warning - Digital addicts beware) Be brave and book a romantic trip together somewhere you know the broadband speed and mobile signal is likely not to be all that reliable. A mountain hideaway... an underground spa… a rain-forest retreat, for example. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how liberating it is to escape from the daily digital drudgery. And we think Manta Resort fits the bill perfectly. Far off the beaten track, Manta Resort is an untouched paradise sitting on the remote island of Pemba off the eastern coast of Africa. Presenting the perfect opportunity for guests to get back to the simplicity of nature, and each other.  Just leave your phone in your room (where you'll have free WiFi on your return when you really need it). 

#4 Go on a Romantic Adventure

Remember when you first met and everything you did together was new and exciting?

Well, there’s a world of new and exciting adventures still waiting to be explored. Romance is all about daring to try the unknown... taking risks together… and seeing where it leads.

Everyday romantic adventures in 2023...

Everyday adventures are as simple as stepping out of your comfort zone and switching up your routine. There are probably things you’ve been doing mindlessly together as a couple for the last 10 years - to the point you’ve forgotten you have other choices. Why not move the furniture around in your bedroom? Or walk a different route together to work? Or hold hands when you go out? Whatever it is, if it’s new and it feels a bit strange... that's when you're pushing outside your comfort zone... and that’s when it becomes an 'everyday adventure.'

Go on one big adventure together this year...

Going on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure is something every couple should do together. Travel to a place you’ve never been before and see things you’ve never seen. Push your boundaries and embrace nervous excitement. Need some inspiration? Gambia is just the place! This small West African country is home to miles of stunning beaches, lush jungle, and rolling hills. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach or explore the jungle, Gambia has something for everyone. And don't forget the amazing wildlife – from elephants and lions to monkeys and crocodiles, Gambia is also home to some of Africa's most famous animals. Stay at Kombo Beach Hotel (set on a spectacular 800m long beach) and experience the perfect mix of romance and adventure.

#5 Arrange More Romantic Surprises

Don’t say you hate surprises.

Let go and relax!

There is nothing more romantic than surprises and whether you’re the giver or receiver - unexpected expressions of love are always amazing.

Everyday romantic surprises 2023...

Find simple ways to surprise your partner every day. Change your lipstick... turn up at their office and take them for lunch... bring them breakfast in bed... have a hot bath waiting when they get in from their evening run. It’s all about small, thoughtful gestures... that they weren’t expecting.

Arrange at least one jaw-dropping romantic surprise for your partner...   

Our 1000 roses romantic dinner celebration is a sensationally beautiful and inspiring example of the type of romantic surprise you can arrange. Imagine surprising your beloved with a totally private dining experience for two in one of Italy's most exclusive venues including palaces, Michelin-starred restaurants, castles, museums, villas, farmhouses and more... When you arrive you'll discover an exquisite table for two all set for dinner and an evening of romance... including 1000 perfect roses adorning your exclusive 'restaurant' for two. 

#6 Celebrate your 'Bad Habits' 

What if we stopped thinking of our favourite indulges as 'bad habits?'

Take-aways... a large glass of wine with dinner... lying in late on the weekends…

Why do we feel guilty about so many of the things that give us pleasure?

What if (instead of feeling guilty) you committed to making your 'bad habits' part of your happier and more romantic 2023?

And make sure when you do indulge... you do it together IN STYLE.

Enjoying your 'bad habits' together everyday...

Drinking a bottle of wine and eating takeaways EVERYDAY won’t make anyone happy (or healthy) in the long-run. But including our favourite treats as part of a more balanced lifestyle WILL. For example, it's ok sometimes to leave the washing up until the morning and watch a film together instead... And it's great to look forward to trying a new wine together every weekend (and spend a little bit more than you would on your usual plonk)... And instead of moaning at your partner when they sleep in late on a Sunday… why not join them?

Invest in self-care at least once this year...

Celebrating your favourite indulgences is our favourite type of self-care. And delicious food and wine is a great place to start! If you’re a couple who enjoy the odd glass (or bottle) of decent wine, then you'll love the experiences offered by Sensi e Diletti. Dedicated to Wine, Wellness & Travel, husband and wife team Sarah and Stefano will take you on a journey of sensual delights guaranteed to feed both your soul and stomachs.

#7 Celebrate Special Occasions with Family & Friends

Now you’re well on your way to being more romantic in 2023… And it’s time to share the love!

As well as the special time you spend together with your partner it’s equally important to include your friends and family in your new found passion for lovin' life and each other.

Why not get the kids to help you plan a romantic surprise for your partner?

Or instead of a romantic dinner for two why not arrange a special anniversary / birthday meal and invite all your friends and family so they can join in with the celebrations?

Everyday goals for celebrating with family and friends...

Let your family and friends in on some of the action and SHARE the love. Perhaps the kids can take charge of making you both breakfast in bed once a month... or why not start planning more couples’ days out with your friends? 

Do this at least once this year...

Celebrating a special occasion is always better with the people you love. Have you got a big birthday coming up? Or maybe a special anniversary? Whatever is going on for you this year it’s time to GO BIG with the celebrations and PARTY! A really popular way to do this is to book a big villa in a gorgeous setting and arrange a group getaway with family and friends. Or why not plan a special celebration meal in one of the most romantic cities in the world - Florence. 

#8 Make the Ultimate Romantic Commitment

OK , so this isn’t an everyday resolution but if you want to make 2023 your year of romance then how about getting married or renewing your vows?

Check out our amazing Weddings and Renewal of Vows packages for inspiration.

Or if you're searching for a unique destination wedding venue then the weddings at boutique yacht marina at Puerto Azul in Costa Rica could be exactly what you're looking for.

So there you have it! 8 ways to fill your 2023 with love, happiness and holidays.

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